Ana Arrieta (Ana Berry) was born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. While growing up, her thirst for adventure and knowledge encouraged her to explore the rain forest and learn about the beautiful flora and fauna of her homeland while imagining herself to be a great explorer or a mad scientist. Her interest in art started with her first visit to the Museo de Arte de Ponce and the first time she saw her favorite painting, "Flaming June" by Sir Frederic Leighton.

In 1997  the Berry family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she continued her quest of meeting strange and interesting people  before deciding to complete her formal studies at The Art Institute of Phoenix with a focus on Computer Graphics and Animation. Ana sees herself as an acrylic artist that dabbles in other media. She finds inspiration in nature, wildlife, color, passion, and movement.

Artists that have influenced her include Sir Fredric Leighton, Gustav Klimt, and John William Waterhouse.  Ana currently lives in San Antonio and teaches at Randolph High School. She also likes quiche and has crazy hair. 

ANA'S    ART       

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